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Fluffy foam, pleasant aroma, clean and well-groomed skin – that’s what we love shower gels for. The “expert of prices” found out that most of the time when choosing the best gel for people, the shower focuses on its smell, foaming and cleansing properties, as well as on the condition of the skin after using the product. The gel should not overdry the skin and cause discomfort. Based on these criteria, we have selected for you several popular shower products with good consumer characteristics.

How to choose a good shower gel?

Of course, the choice of skin cleansers is a delicate, individual matter, in which barely perceptible sensations decide everything. But to take the first step in the right direction is much easier if you know that all gels are separated by skin type and purpose (main action).

Based on the skin type, the products are intended:

  • for dry skin;
  • for fat and problem;
  • for normal;
  • for sensitive;
  • universal products for all types.

As a rule, the type of skin for which the product is intended is indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Choosing a gel for your skin type is more likely to find the perfect product.

According to the purpose (main action) all cleansing products for the body are divided into:

  • moisturizing (contain moisturizing and emollient agents, especially good for dry and sensitive dermis);
  • nutritious (enriched with vitamin E and oils, often have a cream-gel texture; ideal when strong after a shower);
  • antibacterial (contain ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate the unpleasant smell);
  • tonic (have a bright aroma, invigorate, great for starting the day).

Some tools solve 2-3 problems at once or have a complex effect, which is also indicated on the bottle.

Top Shower Gel TOP 10


Best Cheap Shower Gels

1Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash9.7 / 10
2Palmolive Shower Gel Naturals Olive Milk9.6 / 10
3Nivea Milk and Apricot9.6 / 10
4Camay Mademoiselle9.5 / 10
5Yves Rocher Les Jardins du Monde Brazilian Coffee9.5 / 10
6Vitex THERMAL LINE on thermal water9.4 / 10

Top Luxury Shower Gels

1La Roche-Posay Lipikar gel lavant soothing for sensitive skin9.8 / 10
2Ahava Deadsea Water9.7 / 10
3Weleda Citrus9.7 / 10
4Shower oil L’occitane9.5 / 10

Best Cheap Shower Gels

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

The best nourishing shower gel in terms of price-quality ratio. Gel Dove, as well as the popular soap of the same brand, consists of a quarter of the caring cream. The traditional sodium laureth sulfate in it is replaced by a composition of softer detergent components, followed by natural sunflower and soybean oils. The tool cleans the skin well and gives a luxurious dense foam. Aroma cream, long remains on the skin.

  • very thick and economical;
  • pronounced nourishing and moisturizing effect;
  • decent composition with glycerin, natural oils, mild surfactant.
  • the flavor is too typical that not everyone likes.

Palmolive Shower Gel Naturals Olive Milk

Another good moisturizing store shower gel with oils and vitamins. It contains olive oil, vitamins A and E, a moisturizing composition and a whole range of essential oils. Owners of dry skin claim that after using Palmolive, no additional care products are needed.

  • a relatively large percentage of natural ingredients;
  • universal scent;
  • does not dry and does not tighten the skin;
  • good price, there is a maxi-pack with dispenser.

Nivea Milk and Apricot

One of the best cream shower gels for dry and sensitive skin. Creamy consistencies are ideal for dry skin that needs extra care. This gel has a mild effect on the skin, an excellent moisturizing effect and, of course, a fantastic aroma. According to reviews, the gel is completely washed off and suitable for sensitive skin.

composed of glycerin, betaine, apricot kernel oil;
well-groomed skin after use;
pleasant apricot smell;
affordable price.

Camay Mademoiselle

A means for a shower with the scent of good perfume – why not? Camay smacks its smells – feminine and original. The composition of the gel is controversial, not without sodium lauryl sulfate (in 4th place), natural oils and extracts were not noticed. However, complaints of dryness and irritation of the skin either. This gel can not be called natural, but it is designed to create a mood, and he succeeds perfectly.

unique, unbroken flavors;
well cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

in the composition of the hard surfactant – sodium lauryl sulfate.

Yves Rocher Les Jardins du Monde Brazilian Coffee

Coffee in bed? No, in the shower! The popularity of this “coffee” product from Willows Roshe just rolls over. This is due to the excellent aroma of morning coffee with milk and the excellent cleansing properties of the gel. But about the care of the views of the ladies divided: one likes the feeling after use, others complain of dryness and irritation of the skin.

thick, economical;
great foams;
exquisite lasting fragrance;
convenient original bottle;

a rather aggressive surfactant (ammonium lauryl sulfate) was used;
can dry the skin.

Vitex THERMAL LINE on thermal water

A good budget shower gel in a huge package (500 ml). A find for those who love fresh, unobtrusive aromas. The gel cleans well, does not dry the skin, makes it smooth for ridiculous money. As part of hyaluronic acid and thermal water, it is a pity that it is far from the first positions.

democratic price;
“Family” packaging;
unobtrusive fragrance “unisex”;
good caring properties.

fluid consistency;
foams average.

Top Luxury Shower Gels

La Roche-Posay Lipikar gel lavant soothing for sensitive skin

Moisturizing and nourishing shower gel, like all cosmetics of the French brand, is based on thermal water. Forms a gentle skin, does not pinch eyes, is washed off without slipperiness and feeling of a film. As part of natural shea butter and almond. Having a physiological ph level, the product does not irritate the skin, even prone to itching, irritation, and atopy. Can be used for face, body and hair. According to reviews, this shower gel is especially good for dry, capricious skin. There are two options for packaging: 200 ml in a soft tube, flip-flop and 400 ml in a bottle with a dispenser.

absolutely does not dry the skin;
no dyes;
pleasant, unobtrusive aroma;
can be used as a three-in-one;
allowed for babies.

Ahava Deadsea Water

Israeli gel with a refined aroma of good perfume is based on Dead Sea minerals and is enriched with natural active ingredients. Aloe vera extract, Osmoter complex and glycerin are purposefully struggling with skin dehydration. In the line, in addition to the basic mineral gel, there are several original flavors (for example, “Mandarin and Cedar”, “Cactus and Pink Pepper”), which allows you to choose a home spa care to your taste. This shower gel is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin.

sparing composition;
delicate balanced flavors;
pronounced moisturizing effect.

weakly foams.

Weleda Citrus

In the line of Weleda shower gels – 8 luxurious fragrances that make taking a shower and bath a heavenly bliss. Each is good in its own way, but it was Weleda Citrus that earned the most positive marks. For some, it is important that this tool does not contain parabens, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, sulfates and is certified NaTrue. Others just get high from the gentle skin and natural invigorating fragrance. The gel gently cleanses all types of skin, brightens freckles, balances sebum production and softens overdried epidermis.

soft sugar surfactants;
pronounced caring properties;
delicious aroma;
light whitening effect.

foams weakly;
high consumption.

Shower oil L’occitane “Almond”

A luxurious alternative to the shower gel, this unusual tool allows you to make your shower a real spa treatment. When combined with water, the oil turns into a gel, which, when distributed over the body, forms a creamy foam. Grape seed oil (in the first place in the composition), sweet almond and sunflower nourish the skin, and soft surfactants from natural raw materials do not overdry it. Apply oil to the skin should be only with your fingers, without a washcloth.

nutritional formula based on natural oils and delicate surfactants;
luxurious nutty flavor;
qualitatively cleanses the skin.

it foams poorly, but it does not affect the quality of purification;
not suitable for oily skin.

What is the best shower gel to buy?

Today we have several winners, but there are much more quality shower gels worthy of your attention. We only consider it necessary to note that in no case should a good shower gel dry or irritate the skin, and everything else is a matter of personal taste. Have a nice shopping!

10 best shower gels in 2019

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